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A custom-tailored suit is one in which the tailor cuts the suit to flatter the wearer’s best features and diminish any flaws. Such suits are tailored to the wearer’s measurement.

Suits are great for professionals because they last longer with proper care. They are shaped to fit you perfectly.

While off-the-rack suits are fitted and altered according to average specifications and won’t be best for most wearers. Such suits can only be altered to a certain point and will never fit as one custom-built.

The Quality of the Suit is indicated by its trimming and the selection of its details. It also includes pocket styles, linings, buttons, and the addition of subtle signals of the quality of the suits such as Ticket pockets and lapels. Such small elements give an elegant look to the suit’s personality and also to the wearer’s.

The process begins in our store.
1) Dialogue: We will begin by asking and listening to your garment requirements and things about your garment, you are insistent on and anything else you feel may be relevant. Sometimes it is more important to find out what you DON’T want than what you DO want.
2) Fabric Selection: An appropriate Selection of fabrics will present to choose from, we provide industry-standard brands and mill fabrics such as Raymond, Siyarams, J. Hampstead, Donear, and others. In addition, we select from an array of privately sourced and imported materials with an essence of Luxury.
3) Measurement process: measurement is an important part and with experience and expertise we can measure and fit. Every measure is taken into account, especially in the shoulder and posture area.
4) Basted Fittings for Trial: At this point, your Suit is assembled and temporarily Sewn with basting thread. At this stage, we can change the measurement and style as much or as little as possible. This Step can even be optional if you want the delivery to be urgent and you have already stitched a suit from us having a perfect fit.
5) Construct: Your Custom garment is now ready to be fully assembled. All custom Jackets are constructed with canvas. Your Custom Suits Are Sewn Together.
6) Fitting & Delivery Process: It is Time to Try on your garment and have one Final fitting. If there are any adjustments it is usually minimal and completed with a very short turn overtime.

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